Migraine and TMJ Pain Relief

Honest and Knowledgeable Dentist

If you suffer from symptoms like headaches, neck, back, shoulder, facial, or TMJ pain, you may benefit from Neuromuscular Dentistry. There needs to be a healthy balance of the teeth, TMJ, and muscles of the head and neck when we bite our teeth together. If our muscles have to strain when we rest or bite our teeth together, symptoms can occur. With the use of a myomonitor, or tens unit we can relax muscles. An orthotic or split can be made to fit over the teeth to bring the teeth together in a new harmonious bite that will be symptom-free. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Joanne Block Rief.

      Honest and Knowledgeable Dentist

      “After my first visit with Dr. Joanne Rief I knew that I wanted her to be “my” dentist. I had broken off part of an old veneer on a front tooth and needed to have it replaced. In looking through the dentists recommended by my insurance company, I chose her because her office was convenient. Dr. Rief agreed to see me right away. In speaking with me, she learned that because I ground my teeth at night, I had broken two veneers in less than six months and had destroyed several bite guards. Dr. Rief suggested that she bond the broken veneer instead of removing and replacing it. She referred me to an orthodontist and another dentist for consultations to assess my situation. We learned that my grinding was the result of a poor bite, probably exacerbated by two front crowns which were too short. My upper jaw was wider than my lower jaw which meant that my upper teeth did not hit the lower teeth properly. The fact that Dr. Rief was concerned about the cause of my problem and was willing to approach a solution outside her own practice was a clear indication to me that she was an honest and caring individual.

      I chose to forego orthodontic treatment because aligning my upper teeth would not help with the length of the teeth. After much discussion and consideration, Dr. Rief proposed a plan which included adjusting the outward slant of my upper teeth so that veneers could be applied to align the bite while lengthening the upper teeth. My existing veneers and crowns were replaced. Because of her extensive training in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Rief was able to rebuild my upper teeth so that my bite is right for the first time in my life. My comfort at each step was of paramount importance and despite the extensive work done, I had no need for anesthesia or pain medicine other than ibuprofen at any time.

      For me, trusting my dentist to do what is right for me in the best way is important. Dr. Rief is thorough and conservative while offering the most up-to-date options for her patients. I would recommend her to anyone who is considering cosmetic dentistry of any kind or just looking for an honest and knowledgeable dentist.”


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